Pathetic But Great

by Alexander Dust

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The Morning Sun won't ask for reasons to believe The night has gone and so have the dreams The Morning sun came for devotion and a song it dries you mouth slaps your face and moves along The cries from the street the cold floor beneath your feet you grope about til you hit the shutters and bathe in light Open your eyes, you may be blind The night has gone, gone are the promises and dreams their afterglow between the sheets And waves on the sea maunder about eternity you smile and spit into the sink Think of a song that keeps pushing you along cause fate will strike and strike even harder in morning sun The Morning sunwon't ask for reasons to believe it slaps your face and leaves you bare The priests and engineers could not remove you fears you're on your own existing alongside those fascists, fundamentalists, investment bankers, revisionists, deniers, cancer, blindness The Morning Sun won't ask for reasons to believe another night will come tomorrow, maybe tomorrow Will you wake up tomorrow?
Now watch out Don't loose yourself in anxiety Watch out Times are relentless and fast And with each day unleashed like a dog from the cage of eternity and in a space like a beautiful morgue burnt out and spoiling integrity You gotta watch out Watch out Don't give away your uncertainty a standpoint must be found even on slippery ground And reality will bow to the truth of the day and a lie disguised as belief might be considered the better way You gotta watch out „I'm scared of the changes but I can't stay the same the water is flowing down for the light in the distance will be turned into day“ Everything else will move ahead – I'm going down You will not move you will not stay you will be tossed around You cannot move you cannot stay there will be changes Watch out there's breathing behind your back a hand taps your shoulder and pushes you into the void But all we want is progression to what we had had before And we wanted the future but all we ever got was war You gotta watch out Try not to move the cahnges are hurting me as much as stagnation destroys me I'm scared of the changes but there' nothing to do others will move me others will hold me down I'm scared of the changes and while I try not move and while I try not to break you move
Streets are empty as our lives long gone missing where retention thrives The sun is sinking behind concrete walls a cold wind returns as darkness falls We're on our own again naked and torn Don't loose it – now. There's time left And if there's anything left to say you better say it now cry it out shout it out 'cause has there ever been anybody or anything worth a life go for it die for it Whatever we're to say winds will carry away Naked and torn at the end of the day we'll be carried away alone We're on our own again like we were born On our own again naked and torn I'm on my own again fading afar We're on our own again - that's what we are
It's coming from the sea an unrelenting breeze hurling clouds across the sky It's coming from the sea a notion of unease faint humming like a sigh It's coming from the sea the smell of distant lands a warm exotic breath from places in the sun polluted suddenly by the stench of death And can you hear the calling of the waves and of the endless sea? We are afraid of nature 'cause nature is merciless – and so are we Voices can be heard across the sea We are afraid of nature – it lies within our nature And I'm afraid of our nature It's coming from the sea the cries of sacrifice one children's body for each wave The boats that can't be saved and other boats nearby that aren't allowed to save Liquid Deadly Borders – I am ashamed, want to spit into the ocean Ghosts shall be haunting the beaches where we built our castles made of sand And the ocean doesn't care And will we hear the calling of the waves and of the endless sea? We are afraid of nature 'cause nature is merciless – and so are we It's within our nature And here's another boat we can ignore as behind our backs every tidal wave is throwing bodies to the shore Nature is terrifying and so are we
Aglossia 04:12
And my hands are shaking while the world is breaking into fragments of the mouldy kind And my heart is beating while the air is heating up to wash us all away Here's the sound of banging heads against the wall the only way to deal with shame unconscious again, senseless and in vain And outside we're waiting hear old men debating the distinction between fact and truth and in the pouring rain it still feels the same as twenty years ago when we thought it mus be over soon, but here they are as in line hey stand with their dicks in hand pissing on the future of their kids The sound of banging... What's the point – if there's a point beside the point of no return Don't tell me about it I can't take it I don't want to hear it I can't take it and if I can't take it it can't be true The sound of banging heads against the wall and the pain will make us high The sweetest moment we enjoy before the fall first we dumb down then we die Shame and Aglossia, unconscious and in vain
Out of tunnels with the boost of shattered dreams parabolic minds in centrifuge Strobelight flashes hashing from behind the trees and the cries of withering and that's why I dream shadows in the sun But if I tried I could push the clouds aside with eyes dim and open wide to be combusted in the light And handwritten words are fading in the noon like the posters of our teenage days Devastation is more effective in cold blood and there's truth in obscurity See the branches twisting grotesquely towards the sun hear the moth colliding popping with the lamp I can bear it to the melting point, I can with a hand before my eyes I dream shadows in the sun But now from the coolness of the night out of mind and out of sight I will give myself to the light
All the empty streets all the empty lives Cars have left the cities birds are dying slower And noone knows but newborn heroes give a try Crematoriums breathe clouds into the sky Here we are reflecting in the sun the tragedies, the might-have-been the smile behind the mask will remain unseen And it's a strange spring silent as the fall Together alone silent on our own And it's a strange world In the midst of life we are in boredom In the midst of life we are half-dead Pithy words of war and pervasive enemies the same old song now and then Those who can't achieve a crown will get themselves a mask and play the strong man again And life will end in pain an violence after we died bored an in silence But here we are reflecting in the sun we're looking down from balconies we move our hands applauding an empty world in this strange spring here on our own and we save it now for later and we're saving ourselves now for later and we're safe but alone Here on our own togerther alone And neither it was love nor was it the bomb that brought us here together Epilogue I'm reading Camus while god's all alone again I'm on my own again as I have been before so I'm fetching my mask and pretend to gain hope again
Valentines for memories anything to be said we will not say You loved me more before you knew me well I love you most when you're away And what we once did out of love we gonna do to pacify And what we know when we're asleep is what we deny when we're awake so let's get us some Valentines for memories anything that is left can be denied I love your voice when it is begging you love mine when I am quiet And what we keep inside a box we gonna put into a drawer another drawer in the shelf we can place some flowers upon some flowers for memories Valentines for memories for the pain and indifference to cease
A cold wind is coming from the sea to usher in this summers's end A lonely lampion is swinging from the tree like a strange fruit with doleful taste A brown half eaten apple bears the imprint of you teeth the fading image of your smile, the party's over – won't you Walk with me - I'm only passing by Walk with me - just for a while And a strayed butterfly is fighting in a glass of fruity wine thinned down by rain and he tries and tries and flaps his wings to escape the sweet but will drown in the end So we know we are to fade but still we try under this fatal sky something is moving us along, so won't you Walk with me... Summer's over – and what else is left to say tell me on the way We are only passing by like the vague memory of an unknown paty guest who smiled and stayed just for a while
Don't be shocked when we meet again life hasn't been that kind, you see Speak a word, smile and let's pretend nothing has changed inside of me There'll be noone but ourselves to blame if we don't seize this moment this tiny struggle against fate, the inevitable regrets do not fade And would you stay to the bitter end to catch a glimpse of eternity O how we tried and we failed within certainty that behind these hills is the endless sea An old teenager covered in ashes a grey-haired child that wants to be loved There'll be noone but ourselves to blame if we don't seize this moment this tiny struggle against fate as pathetic as it is great


"In the midst of life we are in boredom - In the midst of life we are half dead"
Still written and recorded before lockdown (except one song, guess which one), the songs on this album thematically follow the path that had been taken on "To What Is Left" - and even more now their topicality borders on precognition. Although not an optimistic album, the relentless gloom of the predecessor is broken this time by occasional shafts of light.
It is the big issues once again and Alexander Dust is drawing a personal balance - and it is all as pathetic as it is great.


released April 9, 2021

all titles written by Alexander Dust

Alexander Dust - vocals . electric & acoustic guitars . bass . piano & keyboards . baglama . ukulele . flutes & whistles . percussion & noises harmonica . programming

Benita Borbonus providing backing vocals on The Morning Sun and The Party’s Over

recorded spring 2020 at The DustBin, Overath
produced and mixed by Dust
mastered by Oliver Fabel at AMS

Design by Dust
using a painting by Niall Parkinson

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all rights reserved



Alexander Dust Germany

Alexander Dust is the lead singer and mastermind of the Goth/Dark Wave Band ALSO. Alexander Dust started working as a Solo artist in 2010 and released 7 albums on his own label "Painful Scream Records" so far. Apart from that, he is supervising the release of the ALSO backcatalogue. ... more

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